Specialist Products [ warix™ & melco™ water metering ]

Our Specialist Water Metering Products

Warix™ - Meter Loop

WRK004K-4/ASSY The Warix Loop is a unique concept, engineered and designed to aid the installation of internal in – line water meters where space is limited and at a premium.

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Warix™ - In-Line Meter Kit

4VMK–1–15 & 4VMK–1-22 The kit consists of a stop tap, rotating drain off cock, meter tail and washers. It can be supplied with either 15mm or 22mm compression ends.

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Warix™ - Butterfly In-Line Meter Kit

4VMK–1–15 COMP The Warix Butterfly In–Line Meter Kit incorporates a rotating drain off cock, quarter turn lever ball valve, tail and washers.

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Warix™ - Concentric Carrier

WBBADAPT112 – BV The Warix Concentric Meter Carrier is a ¾″ x ¾″ carrier that incorporates an EN331 quarter turn full bore lever ball and non-return valve.

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Warix™ - Concentric Adaptor

WBBADAPT112 The Warix Concentric Meter Adaptor is supplied complete with non-return valve and fixing legs. For use with screw in meters.

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Melco™ - Multi Manifold

MMASSY & MMASSY-4 For multiple meter installation above or below ground.

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Melco™ - Stopcock Adaptor

SC01/ASSY-A & SC01/ASSY–B This product has been designed to enable the installation of concentric water meters into existing stop taps without the need of excavating or fitting of meter boxes.

View: Melco™ - Stopcock Adaptor

Melco™ - Bobbin

SCAB12 & SCAB34 The melco™ Bobbin is used in conjunction with the Melco™ Adaptor when the headwork of the stoptap has been removed and the melco adaptor cannot be fitted.

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Boundary Box

View our different types of Boundary Boxes.

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Meter Tails & Extensions

View our various Meter Tails & Extension products.

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