MWM Distributors Ltd [ our company history ]

History of MWM Distributors Ltd

MWM Distributors Ltd was formed in 1989 by Mr Osi Meli. Offices and production facilities in Birmingham were outgrown in 1999 and the business was relocated to its present address. In 2002 MWM Distributors Ltd took over J & M Supplies which enabled us to strengthen our position in the Plumbing Trade market and extended our product portfolio.

In 2003 it was necessary to develop larger office space and warehouse facilities, and the total area we have available to us is 3,000m2.

Shortly after being established two major products were developed by MWM Distributors Ltd 'Lead Line Compression Fittings' and the 'Warix™ Flange'. Both products were very quickly taken up by the market but through the Lead Line Fitting we came to the prominence of water companies. This resulted in MWM Distributors Ltd developing our market by talking to, but more importantly listening to, the requirements of the Water Utilities. One of these discussions resulted in the Warix™ Loop being developed and which is one of the mainstays of our product range, and now being used throughout the water industry.

Most of the products we produce are for assisting in the internal application of water meters. However, in 2004 a decision was made to produce a Boundary Box primarily for the Irish market. With the success we have achieved a further decision was made in 2005 to produce a Boundary Box for the UK market.

To date our business activities are primarily in the UK and Ireland. However, with the product range we produce / supply we have had some success in Europe and this is a market we are eager to develop.

The company is capable of loading 20' and 40' containers and most types of heavy goods vehicles at the factory. Goods can be supplied in cartons, shrunk wrapped on pallets.

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