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Pipe Line

Pipe Line

Product Description

MWM’s range of pipe line fittings enable connection to be made from various sizes of copper to MDPE, PVC (Polyorc) and Galvanised Iron, incorporating compression fitting to ensure a quality connection.



Copper to MDPE Coupler Compression MDPE 20mm x 15mm - 2015CC Coupler Compression MDPE 25mm x 15mm - 2515CC Coupler Compression MDPE 25mm x 22mm - 2522CC Copper to PVC/Polyorc Pipe Line 1/2" PVC/POLYORC x 15mm - LL12PVC15P Pipe Line 3/4" PVC/POLYORC x 15mm - LL34PVC15P Pipe Line 3/4" PVC/POLYORC x 22mm - LL34PVC22P Copper to Galvanised Iron Pipe Line 1/2" Galv x 15mm - LL12GL15P Pipe Line 3/4" Galv x 22mm - LL34GL22P
Pipe Line

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